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Fee schedule of Opus Specialist Dental Service in Dorset

Our fees are a reflection of our exceptional quality of service and high standard of specialist dental care, utilising the latest state-of-the-art equipment, materials and techniques. We aim to provide a very high standard of service based on each individual requirement.

Fee guide

ORAL SURGERY Fees based on £300 per hour  
Initial Consultation (5 minutes - including small x-ray) £25
Panoral X-ray £45
Consultation (30 minutes - including small x-rays) £120
Extraction (30 minutes - including review) £150
Surgical Extraction (30 minutes - including review) £175
Complex Extractions Time based at £300 per hour
Soft Tissue Biopsies (20 minutes - including £70 histology report fee) £175
Anterior Apicectomy (MTA Retrogranns RRF) £225
Premolar Apicectomy £300
Sinus Lift Time based (guide £75 per 15 minutes of surgery)
Bone Graft Time based (£400 to £950)
Implant fees  
Implant (up to and including healing abutment stage)
(Excluding Bone Graft and Membrane)
Mini Implants (two implants) from £950

Consultation (including small X-rays, but not a detailed treatment plan letter)
£100 - £160
Panoral X-ray £45
Further consultation/ treatment plan letter (diagnostic work/study models/wax ups for complex cases) £150 - £650
Porcelain Restorations  
Veneers £750
Authentic Veneers £750
Zircon Veneers £750
Zircon Crowns £750
Porcelain Inlays / Onlays £750
Authentic Inlays / Onlays £750
Procera Crowns £750
Kavo Everest Zirconian Crowns £750
Gold and Bonded Restoration  
Gold Inlays / Onlays £750
Full Gold Crowns £750
Cast Post / Core From from £300
Porcelain Bonded Crown £750
Kavo Everest Titanium Bonded Crown £800
Zirconian Bridges (per unit) £750
Kavo Everest Zircon Bridge (per unit) £750
Porcelain Bonded Bridge (per unit) £750
Adhesive Bridge (2 wings and pontic)  
- Metal £775
- Porcelain £850
Implant work  
Implant supported crown or bridge units and prosthodontics as per normal crown, bridge and prosthetic
fees, excluding component
Instant anchorage of existing dentures From £2000
From single implant to full arch £2500 - £12,000 per arch
Bridge £2500 per implant including surgery and
prosthodontic work
National award winning laboratory used for aesthetically demanding cases  
Prosthetic Dentures Full Upper/Lower From £1600
Partial Dentues Partial/Metal based From £1000
All types from £400 to £600 (depending on the level of complexity)
Consultation and Assessment (1 hour) £150
Panoral X-ray £45
Root Planning £150 to £300 per appointment
Perio Surgery (Guide £75 per 15 minutes of surgery) £300 (Timed based)
Review Appointments  
- 30 minutes £120
- 45 minutes £150
- One hour £175
Implants (up to and including healing abutment stage - excluding
bone grafts and membrane)

A little bit about specialist dental treatments

  • It usually involves procedures and techniques that are more complex, challenging and time consuming compared to general dentistry
  • It usually requires the use of more complex and costly dental materials, components and equipment
  • It often involves the use of highly specialised dental laboratory services
  • The dentist must undergo several years of additional higher training to acquire the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to become a GDC registered dental specialist

Here at Opus Specialist Dental Service, we understand that all cases are unique. That is why we customise treatment plans according to each patient's needs.

Dental veneers - Ferndown, Dorset - Opus Specialist Dental Service - Smiling

General dental service

We also carry out general dentistry. To find out more, please visit our general dental practice website.

To book a dental appointment with our specialists, please call 01202 890 268

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